Save money

Reduce your energy consumption by 95% compared to incandescent technology, 72% compared to fluorescent technology, and 35% compared to LED conventional technology.


Our values aim towards responsible research and innovation. Thanks to the use of the most advanced technology on the market, our models achieve more than 400,000 hours of uninterrupted life.


We work without planned obsolescence, reducing the amount of waste produced to a minimum. This allows us to offer sustainable energy and a minimum guarantee of 7 years.

These are some examples of the projects we have carried out over the years. Our way of working is different from that of other companies, as we offer a personalised service that adapts to the needs of each client. Our technology allows us to design unique products that adapt to the lighting and climatic needs of each case.



Most consumer goods are designed to stop working after a certain period of time. It is necessary to promote a shift towards a sustainable and supportive economic model, through ethical and environmentally responsible products.

This is the main objective of ISSOP Technology, which has created the first and only line of domestic, professional, industrial and public administration lighting without Programmed Obsolescence, which means that all its components are designed not to fail, reduce energy consumption and achieve the maximum durability that today’s technology allows.

Adding to the design the concepts: easily repairable and upgradeable. Repairable means that its repair at the end of its useful life should not cost more than 30% of its value as new, being updated with the most efficient components of the moment.

With the most advanced technological improvements we achieve a lower consumption of energy and raw materials, less waste generation and therefore being more respectful with the environment.

Oep Electrics World Corporation, owner of the ISSOP technology, is the first company in the world to be certified by TuvRheinland as a manufacturer of LED technology without without planned obsolescence.